3D Animator

My name is Maxence Charles, I’m 3D animator since 2013, here you will find all my works and all you need to know about me.
I started my career in an Indie studio in the north of France. A few years later I worked on my first AAA at Ubisoft Paris on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.
I left my native country for Canada and Ubisoft Montréal where I was fortunate enough to animate some trailers for Rainbow Six Siege and For honor, I made cinematics for Assassin’s Creed Origins and FarCry 6, I also worked on gameplay animations for FarCry New Dawn and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
After 4,5 years at Ubisoft Montréal it was time for me to try another challenge. That’s why I joined in august 2021 EA Sports for one year to work on NHL 23. After this really nice experience I joined 2K Montréal to help its  Cloud Chamber studio with the next Bioshock.
The first law of my job is confidentiality so … I can’t say more about what I do now, the only thing I can say it’s that I learn a lot, day by day my goal is to improve my animation knowledge.
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